Too much alone time can be dangerous and discouraging for seniors.  Injury threats are also at their worst when older adults are living without support.  Consider these and other potential problems that can occur from your senior loved one living alone, and speak to Home Helpers about in-home care today:

1. Physical Injury

Decreased physical ability can be a natural part of the aging process. However, this degeneration can eventually lead to mobility problems in older adults.  As a result, risks for falls and trips rise in senior citizens.  Research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that falls are the leading cause of injury among adults aged 65 or older.  Nearly 20,000 seniors suffered fatal falls in 2008 alone.  With the help of an in-home care professional, many of these debilitating tumbles can be avoided.  God forbid you do have a fall, you will want to have your emergency medical alert with its fall sensor.

2. Depression

Dejection is a demon that older adults battle.  Debilitating pain and other health problems can cause significant reductions in mood.  This overwhelming melancholy may manifest itself as decreased interest in personal hygiene.  Likewise, senior loved ones may lose their desire to participate in their favorite activities.  An empty household offers little relief from the cold grip of isolation.  Multiple signs of depression are an important sign that your parent is no longer living in an emotionally healthy environment and could use in-home support and companionship.

3. Transportation Problems

Limited mobility forces senior adults to become bound to their homes.  Accessibility issues prevent many seniors from utilizing public transportation on their own.  Similarly, the public transportation schedule may not be able to facilitate an older adult’s particular transportation needs.  Seniors with inadequate access to the outside world are more likely to fall prey to depression symptoms.  An in-home care provider from Home Helpers offers a viable solution to these and other senior solitude problems.

Don’t let your parents be at risk any longer. Call (501) 663-3900 today to speak with Home Helpers and schedule a consultation.

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