Are you considering home care in Little Rock for your loved one?

With a home care agency, remembering to take medications on time is a lot easier–to say the least.

This is because a home care agency will supply you with the resources to do what is essential, concerning your medications.  One strategy is to have the assistance of a home care aide.  While your helper will be unable to administer your medications for you, he or she will be there to remind you to take them in a timely manner, as well as to guide you if you need help.

On top of that, your personal aid will be there to help you keep track of your medications by making note of what you took and when you took it, ensuring that you are sticking to your physician’s orders and that you are not taking too little, too much or at the wrong times.

Another highly popular emerging strategy is an automated medication dispenser.  An affordable, reliable and easy-to-operate system is available that relieves stress over medication management, particularly for those taking multiple pills at various times throughout the day.

This automated system is loaded similar to a traditional pill tray, and then alarms are set for prescribed times when pills should be taken.  The unit is secured under lock and key to provide added privacy and security.  When a dose is ready, an alarm sounds and a red light flashes.  If the pills are not dispensed, a reminder call is made.  This proven strategy results in fewer worries about forgetting to take a dose or taking it at the wrong time.  Since there are no pills or bottles to identify and the alarms have been set per the doctor’s orders, this system makes medication management easy.

For information about how the caregivers at Home Helpers serve older adults with home care in Little Rock, and the surrounding areas, call (501) 663-3900.  We provide companionship, homemaking and personal home care services for many seniors, veterans and those living with disabilities in our community.

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