Month: May 2012

I Don’t Even Like Bingo

Why is it that when a person is moved into a skilled nursing facility, the assumption is that miraculously, he or she loves to play Bingo?  I mean, do you know any forty year olds who, on a Friday night, invite friends over for a great game of Bingo? It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the game of Bingo.  In fact, I’ve seen … Read More I Don’t Even Like Bingo

Tornado Season: Emergency Preparation for Caregivers

The wonderfully gifted staff at Alzheimer’s Arkansas prepared this emergency preparedness planning guide.  Home Helpers supports Alzheimer’s Arkansas in their service to people living with Alzheimer’s and their families.  Arkansas can have tornadoes at any time of year, but spring can be a particularly dangerous time. The weather service keeps us informed when storms are coming and also gives us information about how to … Read More Tornado Season: Emergency Preparation for Caregivers

Indulge in Dark Chocolate’s Health Benefits

For those of us who have celebrated our 29th birthday multiple times, recent reports of health benefits from eating chocolate may make aging more palatable – pun intended. While chocolate is unlikely to become the sixth food group on MyPlate (, numerous studies have identified health benefits linked to eating this decadent treat, a favorite to many. Though it may sound odd, the consumption … Read More Indulge in Dark Chocolate’s Health Benefits