Month: September 2012

Why Wii?

Video games aren’t just for kids.  And, they aren’t all shoot ’em up anymore either.  To the contrary, many older adults are finding great benefit and pleasure through Wii games. For those unfamiliar, Wii (pronounced “we”) is a gaming console that you can get for around $250 and easily connect to your television.  The wireless controllers are easy to use and even come equipped … Read More Why Wii?

When Do I Take Those Keys Away? (Part 1)

When should I take the keys away from my parent?  We get asked that routinely and have been asked to be involved in many family discussions. This week, we’ll explore warning signs that indicate it’s time to have that discussion.  In coming weeks, we’ll talk about How to have that talk and alternatives to driving that ensure your parent retains their dignity and honor. … Read More When Do I Take Those Keys Away? (Part 1)