Month: November 2012

Gifts for Caregivers

Black Friday is behind us, but you might still have caregivers on your shopping list.  Caring for a loved one can be the most challenging task we face.  Unlike the person who is difficult to shop for because she “has everything,” caregivers need special attention.  Consider the following gift ideas for family caregivers. House Cleaning Service Housekeeping can get pushed to the back burner … Read More Gifts for Caregivers

When do you consider Private Duty Home Care?

Thanksgiving with Alzheimer’s

My favorite holiday of the year is fast approaching.  For my family, it has always meant enjoying a feast of a meal.  I have memories of moving from the “kid’s table” to the “adult table.” These days, I help prepare plates for my youngest son and monitor to ensure accidents and spills are kept to a manageable level.  But what about those families who … Read More Thanksgiving with Alzheimer’s

Can You Help Sally?

Meet Sally and see if you can relate… Here’s Sally’s situation: Her mother is living with Alzheimer’s, is hard of hearing (and won’t wear her hearing aids), and has suffered numerous falls over the past year (fortunately without serious injury). Sally and her husband both work full time and have a teenage son who runs cross country. In June, the family started a major … Read More Can You Help Sally?

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Home Care Provider

1)    What is the background of your company? Do a little research and check out the company and their history.  Find out who owns the company and look at their experience and background. Is it reputable and in good standing? Is it involved in professional organizations?  (Home Helpers background) 2)    How long has your company been in business? The number of years an agency … Read More 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Home Care Provider

Fall Activities for Older Adults

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. The season change brings new sights, smells, flavors and the excitement of the holiday season.Active aging involves…staying active. The fall season presents many opportunities and we wanted to share a few that older adults could enjoy, regardless of most physical or cognitive issues or where they might happen to call home. 1)    Go for a … Read More Fall Activities for Older Adults

It’s Hard to Lose a Loved One

My Uncle Larry passed away on Friday. His illness struck seemingly without warning and his condition deteriorated quickly. Together with his family, he had discussed advanced directives a while back, and had a Do Not Resuscitate on file with the attending physician. I was there with the family as he passed. There never seem to be appropriate words to say at such a time, … Read More It’s Hard to Lose a Loved One