1)    What is the background of your company?

Do a little research and check out the company and their history.  Find out who owns the company and look at their experience and background. Is it reputable and in good standing? Is it involved in professional organizations?  (Home Helpers background)

2)    How long has your company been in business?

The number of years an agency has been in business is not always pertinent to the quality of care given, but it does reflect on the stability and success of the company.  What is your Better Business Bureau rating?  (Home Helpers BBB rating)

3)    Is your caregiving staff employees or contract workers?

Ask about your personal liability and tax obligations if workers are contract employees. You can unknowingly be accepting substantial responsibility if you choose a contract worker (federal and state payroll taxes, Workers Compensation, etc.).  (Home Helpers’ caregivers)

4)    Are your caregivers insured and bonded?

For your protection, ensure that all caregivers are insured and bonded by the home care agency.  If transportation of your loved one is involved, ensure that the company is insured to provide this service.  (Home Helpers insurance & bonding)

5)    How do you supervise your workers to make sure the proper care is given?

Some agencies make scheduled quality assurance calls and visits. To further ensure quality care, see that all caregivers are regularly and closely supervised by a qualified management.  How are time records kept?  (Home Helpers supervision)

6)    Will the same caregiver be with my loved one on each visit?

It is difficult to receive good care if different people show up every week. A good home care provider will be concerned with continuity of care.

7)    Do you conduct an in-home assessment and what does that include?

When choosing the home care services that are right for you, it is important that the client and family members discuss the kind of care needed with a home care representative. The assessment should include physical, cognitive, environmental (the home), and other areas.  It also provides a valuable opportunity to assess the professionalism of the company.

8)    Can you coordinate other types of services and supports?

Is the company familiar with other services and supports and able to make referrals to home accessibility companies, meals on wheels, medical alerts, Alzheimer’s Arkansas, etc? (Home Helpers services)

9)    Can you give me some references from doctors, hospital personnel or social workers?

Ask for names of people, not just the name of a hospital or organization. One good question to ask these professionals or patients: “Would you use this company again for yourself or your loved ones?”  (Home Helpers references)

10)Do you guarantee customer satisfaction?

Find out if there is a length of time you will be committed to the home care provider even if you are unhappy with the care they are providing. The home care provider should guarantee care and cancel charges for unsatisfactory service.

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