Meet Sally and see if you can relate…

Here’s Sally’s situation:

  • Her mother is living with Alzheimer’s, is hard of hearing (and won’t wear her hearing aids), and has suffered numerous falls over the past year (fortunately without serious injury).
  • Sally and her husband both work full time and have a teenage son who runs cross country.
  • In June, the family started a major do-it-yourself renovation of the kitchen that expanded to include laying hardwood floors. The house is torn apart in various stages of work.
  • Her mother was told that it was unsafe to continue living alone in August and moved in with Sally on August 14th.
  • Since the day her mother moved in with her, Sally has discovered that her mother’s bowel control is lacking and that she will repeat the same questions over and over.
  • She has already used all of her vacation trying to make the transition easy on her mom but has to go back to work now.

If I were in Sally’s shoes, I know that I’d need help. I would want someone to tell me about care options. I would want someone to share with me their insight into what agencies were best equipped to care for someone like my mother. I’d need help and guidance, not a phone book.

Are you that person who could help point Sally in the right direction?

Sally’s situation is real. I met with her last week (though I’ve changed her name to ensure anonymity). When she called, I could sense her exhaustion because as she described it, the only resource she felt she had was a phone book.

We want you to feel confident that when you meet Sally, Home Helpers has the experience and strong reputation of caring for her mother and giving her peace of mind.

Sally felt like she didn’t have reason to or even time to laugh. I reminded her that this is precisely when she needs to…

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