Fall has always been my favorite time of year. The season change brings
new sights, smells, flavors and the excitement of the holiday season.Active aging involves…staying active.

The fall season presents many opportunities and we wanted to share a few that older adults could enjoy, regardless of most physical or cognitive issues or where they might happen to call home.

1)    Go for a walk. Enjoy the brisk air and changing leaves. It’s not too hot now and the invigoration of getting out can do a soul good. This type of activity can take place whether the adult is walking or in a wheelchair, in a rural setting or happens to live in a skilled nursing facility. Get out and enjoy nature.

2)    Decorate your front door. Again, regardless of where home is, decorating your front door can be a fun activity and as elaborate as you desire. It might involve a visit to the craft store and assembly of the decorations. There could be added bonuses if you involve grandchildren.  See below for more on this…

3)    Attend a Fall Festival. A fall festival can be a fun and interactive experience for friends and family. Check out lots of Arkansas fun here.

4)    Write Cards. Stay in touch with family and friends. Get a box of greeting cards and send them out. In spite of email (or perhaps because of it) receiving a hand-written card in the mail can brighten a day like nothing else. If needed, help with the handwriting and finding addresses.

5)    Make apple cider. Older adults might remember making hot apple cider and enjoying it on a fall night with family and friends. This is another easy activity that can get those memory juices flowing.

Families seem to get busier and busier this time of year. We hope that these simple activities are useful if for no other reason than to engage your creativity with how to make this season meaningful to aging parents or other older adults in your life.

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