My Uncle Larry passed away on Friday. His illness struck seemingly without warning and his condition deteriorated quickly. Together with his family, he had discussed advanced directives a while back, and had a Do Not Resuscitate on file with the attending physician. I was there with the family as he passed. There never seem to be appropriate words to say at such a time, but I felt strongly that I needed to be there with them.

As I stood there with the family waiting for the inevitable, I found myself thinking back to a former Home Helpers client who we were also there for her last breath. I’ll call her Mary.

Mary never had children and was predeceased by her husband years ago. We coordinated care with Mary’s Power of Attorney who was a local friend. Our care for Mary was what is often referred to as “total,” and included everything from personal care to meal preparation and transportation.

When Mary was hospitalized, we transferred our care to the hospital, continuing service there. We were her surrogate family, interacting with health care professionals and keeping her Power of Attorney fully informed about her condition.

The seriousness of Mary’s condition worsened to the point where she was transferred to intensive care. At that point, we knew that her Do Not Resuscitate would come into play.

Like I was there for my uncle, a Home Helpers caregiver who had been with her for months was there with her at the end, holding her hand. We were, for all intents and purposes, her family as she finished her life’s race.

Our trademark is “Making Life Easier.” Sometimes that involves simply being there. It’s hard to lose a loved one. Sometimes all the right words might not come and the assistance might simply be a warm hand, but Home Helpers is here for all of your private duty home care needs.

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