Black Friday is behind us, but you might still have caregivers on your shopping list.  Caring for a loved one can be the most challenging task we face.  Unlike the person who is difficult to shop for because she “has everything,” caregivers need special attention.  Consider the following gift ideas for family caregivers.

House Cleaning Service

Housekeeping can get pushed to the back burner when a family caregiver is burning the candle at both ends.  Arrange a house cleaning service with my friends at Cottage Care.  This can be a welcomed indulgence or a regular service to keep things clean and tidy.

Entertainment Gift Card

Sometime, all that a family caregiver needs is just a little time to turn off their cares, even if it’s just for a few hours.  You can get gift cards for restaurants, movie theaters, and a host of other fun places at most grocery stores.  Make it personal and offer to be there with their loved one or arrange for service with Home Helpers.

Spa Day

A service that is totally self-indulgent is a rarity to someone who normally thinks of others first.  Caregivers are often so busy meeting everyone else’s needs that they overlook their own.  A day of pure indulgence away from daily duties would be much appreciated: massages, facials, manicures and pedicures make a perfect gift.

Netflix or Amazon

When getting away isn’t feasible, or desired, pay for Netflix or Amazon.  These are terrific resources for readers or those who enjoy a good movie as time permits.  A family caregiver will greatly appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a favorite book or movie.

Coupon for Respite

Create a Respite Coupon and offer to stay with their loved one for an afternoon or evening.  Just like the Gift Cards, this will provide a few hours of “me” time for the caregiver.  Even better, make a stipulation that the Coupon MUST be used during the most difficult time of day.

A Book of Encouragement

There are scores of books that are encouraging for caregivers.  Here are just a few:

Walking Together Through Illness: Twelve Steps for Caregivers and Care Receivers

The Overwhelmed Woman’s Guide to…Caring for Aging Parents

Spiritual Care: A Guide for Caregivers

Twice Blessed: Encouragement for the Caregiver and the Carereceiver

Coping With Your Difficult Older Parent : A Guide for Stressed-Out Children

A Note on Employees

Typically, employees of skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, and home care agencies are prohibited from accepting gifts.  I can’t speak for others, but with Home Helpers, the best gift you can give your caregiver is a letter of appreciation.  Write how you appreciate your caregiver and send the letter to Home Helpers.  Home Helpers routinely rewards caregivers with Client Satisfaction bonuses.

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