Month: December 2012

Should I Get Long Term Care Insurance?

The adult children of clients we serve routinely ask me if they should get Long Term Care insurance. I am not an insurance agent. I don’t market any insurance. Even so, I am more than willing to share my experience. Typically, the adult children see either the benefits of having Long Term Care insurance or the need for it. Let me explain. It used … Read More Should I Get Long Term Care Insurance?

Loneliness and Older Adults

Philosophers say that you die alone. Research indicates that you might die earlier if you live a life of loneliness. We are all aware of the emotional pain associated with loneliness. It can be especially devastating to an older adult. A recent study found that loneliness was a predictor of both functional decline and death. The researchers found that “loneliness is a common source … Read More Loneliness and Older Adults