Wow!  When we announced our new service of daily care calls, we really did not anticipate the response to our Care Calls.  It’s been overwhelming! 

We’ve also had some great questions that we want to clear up for you. 

Is it a “robo-call? – No!  We don’t have any robots on staff and don’t see any real value in automated calls.  Every single one of our calls is made by a real person in our Care Center.  Nothing says “personal service” like an automated phone call and who likes talking to a robot anyway?

What happens when things are not okay? – If our Care Center representative discovers that there are immediate needs or there is reason for concern, we notify the key contact(s). If emergency assistance is needed, we alert emergency response personnel immediately.

Who would need a service like this? – We’ve found that sometimes family is concerned about an aging parent, but there is no need for in-home caregiving assistance or the parent will not accept it. This service can be especially helpful for people recently discharged from a hospital or rehabilitation center.

Who is making the calls? – Our Care Center is CSAA Five Diamond certified. We have dozens of trained representatives who place the Care Calls. Supervisors are on the floor at all times and representatives who speak a variety of languages are always on duty.

How much does it cost? – There are automated “robo-calls” out there that charge $15-$50 per month. My own mother would pay that much to NOT have a robot call her and ask her to push a button if she is okay. We charge $150/month for up to three calls every day. We are repeatedly told that having a live, trained person who is able to talk to your loved one and offer an objective assessment of the situation when need be is worth a couple dollars per call.

How do I refer? – Simply call or email us and we can easily get your referral set up with this service. We’ll ask what times we should call, get some basic health information and key contact information, and we’re set.

What is your service area? – We serve home care clients in central Arkansas but are serving Care Call clients statewide.

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