I had a beautifully written note for you today that included snippets about Justin Bieber’s arrest, Taylor Swift’s reaction to NOT winning album of the year, Super Bowl Sunday, and even the President’s State of the Union.

Then, I went to introduce one of our caregivers to a new client and I knew I had to change things up. In order to protect the identity of both the caregiver and client, let’s call the caregiver “Lisa” and the client “Mr. Bob.”

Mr. Bob is dying of cancer. He’s on hospice and recently went home from a local facility. People of great faith, Mr. Bob’s wife and son said that although he really wanted to be home and they had made the decision and brought him home, they weren’t sure they made the right decision.

Mrs. Bob was clearly wrestling with her decision. She knew as well as any of us that it meant Mr. Bob would be spending his final days at home and that brought both comfort and some fear. I could see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice.

Lisa is a great caregiver. She’s been with Home Helpers for many years. After covering Mr. Bob with his favorite quilt, she did as good a job as I’ve ever heard from even the most experienced counselors.

Lisa told the family that she used to work in a skilled nursing facility. In fact, she was proud of the facility she worked at and bragged on their staff. But then she waved her hand around the living room and said that even though it was a great place, it could never compete with home. She moved over to Mrs. Bob and, grabbing her hand, told her that we would do this together and that we’d do it with dignity and honor.

Clearly moved, Mrs. Bob turned to her son and said, “The Lord’s hand was in this. We made the right call.”

We don’t second guess the care or housing options families choose. But in this case, we have a strong sense of responsibility to demonstrate to this family that they did indeed make the right choice. Whatever time Mr. Bob has left, Home Helpers will do everything we can to honor his wishes and make both his and his family’s life easier. We’ll be there as he crosses is life’s finish line with, as Lisa said, with dignity and honor. 

One Comment on “The Wisdom of a Caregiver

  1. Many times families feel that home care services is the last resort for there loved ones. With the right care giver most of the elderly find it something to look forward to. Its can provide a means of companionship and entertainment , Its not just babysitting anymore

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