Over the years, Home Helpers has served and counseled countless families. While no two situations are exactly the same, we’ve discovered some a few issues that are, more times than not, to be expected.

Oh! I want to share a quick note of encouragement for those who are only children. Don’t worry. Even if your parents had a dozen children, there is typically one who has or is given responsibility of care and housing when a parent is in need.

So, we see three types of people. Many times, a family will have all three. See if you can identify with any of these people.

Pigeons – You know you have a pigeon as a sibling if they swoop into town, second-guess every decision you’ve made, and every action you’ve taken, issue proclamations about the way things should be handled, and then fly back home. In short, pigeons come and leave what pigeons do on the ground and, just like pigeons, they fly away with little concern over the mess they’ve created.

Bears – For bears, it is perpetually wintertime and they will do what bears do – hibernate. These are the people who, whether local or not, cannot accept the situation with their parent. They are in denial, sometimes in spite of overwhelming evidence that refutes their position.

Turtles – Turtles are, you guessed it, slow moving. They are slow in recognizing a need for assistance, and sometimes slower in acting on the need. They want a complete road map, including hotels to stay in and sights to see on their summer vacation next year. They want to know where the road is leading and what is around the bend.

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