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For an older adult, when assistance is required with any of life’s daily activities, remaining in your home can be a little scary.  To be sure, remaining in your home can be a challenge if not addressed in the right way.

However, staying in your home, with appropriate services and supports, can also be truly empowering.

  • Home care can often empower the person receiving care to remain as independent as possible in the setting of their choice enjoying the quality of life they desire.
  • Home care empowers family and friends. With greater freedom from daily concerns, family members’ time with their parent can be transformed into quality time.
  • Home care empowers health care professionals by providing recorded notes and an objective perspective on their patient’s condition. This can prove invaluable to those tasked with the ongoing evaluation of their patient’s individual treatment plans.

Having spoken before scores of professional groups and visited with countless families, my experience is that people can get overwhelmed as they attempt to navigate the waters of home care.

What is available in the city where my parent lives?  What is “appropriate” care and what is the most suitable care setting?  Is it even feasible for mom to stay at home?  What about MY home?  How do we pay for home care?  Who do I even ask?

Finding Freedom at Home answers these questions and more.

I wrote this book initially as a resource for the many people I counsel and whose parents are in need of assistance.  Since the initial publication, I have received hand-written notes from people from New York to California thanking me for answering their questions and putting them on solid footing to seek the best care possible.

I have been overwhelmed with the response and humbled by how Finding Freedom at Home has touched so many lives.

For a very limited time, I’d like to send you a FREE copy of my book.  The on
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