Trust is earned over time through your words and actions. It isn’t something that comes easy and it can be very difficult to re-earn once lost.

When choosing a home care provider for a loved one, trust is clearly of the greatest of importance. You HAVE to trust that the chosen agency is true to its word and will provide the needed services per your direction.

A few years ago I met with a mother and daughter. I had to initially read between the lines, but the daughter had called Home Helpers because she had lost trust with her mother’s home care provider. When I met them, both of their body languages practically shouted the question, “Can we trust you?!” It took a little gentle nudging, but the daughter finally shared the reason she had called.

Her mother literally cried every single day before her caregiver arrived. Additionally, the agency was not handling her Long Term Care insurance claim appropriately, so the family was not being reimbursed. It was a mess and the agency and the caregiver had completely lost this family’s trust.

Our practice is to introduce the caregiver we think is the best match, based on experience and training and a host of other factors with perhaps the most important being personality. We believe that with the right “match” serving at the right times and doing the right things, everything falls into place. We also know that without it, we cannot ever expect to earn the family’s trust.

Home Helpers was recently received Certified – Trusted Provider distinction from Home Care Pulse. This distinction illustrates Home Helpers’ commitment to client satisfaction.

Certified – Trusted Providers have contracted with Home Care Pulse to gather and report feedback from their clients by conducting live random phone interviews with a percentage of their clients each month. Because Home Care Pulse is an independent third-Trusted Providerparty company, they are able to collect honest and unbiased feedback, without outside influence. Clients rate their provider’s services in areas such as timeliness of caregivers, services being provided as promised, compassion of caregivers and overall quality of care. Clients are also given the opportunity to provide feedback for their provider.

As we all know, talk is cheap. When interviewing home care providers, ask if they have a third party evaluate their services and client satisfaction. You might be surprised that Home Helpers is the only home care agency in Little Rock (maybe the entire state of Arkansas!) that has an impartial, third-party to conduct live interviews with our clients and caregivers. Their only dog in this fight is to give us the information they receive.

But, we know that you’d be equally surprised to see the Home Helpers difference. We are passionate about serving older adults and we know that to be the best in the industry, we have to have your trust. Give us the opportunity to earn it by calling us for a free in-home consultation.

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