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Rebecca’s Story

A few years ago I talked to Rebecca. Like many of us, she was juggling many balls at once.  She and her husband both worked full-time and were both engaged in volunteer activities.  They had two boys, aged 12 and 14.  One played soccer and another was in the Boy Scouts. Both enjoyed the playroom that had grown with them through the years.  This was one … Read More Rebecca’s Story


What is the Goal of Home Care?

The goal of home care is to help people maintain and maximize their independence. Ideally, it should facilitate a person being able to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible in the setting of their choice – their home. Clearly, independence can mean different things in different circumstances.  To a person recovering from a hip replacement, independence might mean something entirely different … Read More What is the Goal of Home Care?

Finding Freedom at Home

Finding Freedom at Home: The Ultimate Guide to Home Care is a new resource for families who are exploring home care options for an aging parent. Written by home care expert Sam Sellers, “Finding Freedom at Home” will serve as a saving grace to the millions of adults exploring care and living assistance options for their aging parents.  While institutionalization was once commonplace, the … Read More Finding Freedom at Home

Care Calls – Wellness Checks on Older Adults

Wow!  When we announced our new service of daily care calls, we really did not anticipate the response to our Care Calls.  It’s been overwhelming!  We’ve also had some great questions that we want to clear up for you.  Is it a “robo-call? – No!  We don’t have any robots on staff and don’t see any real value in automated calls.  Every single one … Read More Care Calls – Wellness Checks on Older Adults

Home Care Isn’t an Alternative?

At home care for an aging loved one is not an “appropriate” or “suitable” alternative to either assisted living or nursing home care.  To the contrary, any and every option other than remaining at home should be viewed as an alternative to what the vast majority of people desire. Dorothy had it right.  There’s no place like home. In fact, remaining at home with … Read More Home Care Isn’t an Alternative?