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Trust is earned over time through your words and actions. It isn’t something that comes easy and it can be very difficult to re-earn once lost. When choosing a home care provider for a loved one, trust is clearly of the greatest of importance. You HAVE to trust that the chosen agency is true to its word and will provide the needed services per … Read More Trust…


What is the Goal of Home Care?

The goal of home care is to help people maintain and maximize their independence. Ideally, it should facilitate a person being able to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible in the setting of their choice – their home. Clearly, independence can mean different things in different circumstances.  To a person recovering from a hip replacement, independence might mean something entirely different … Read More What is the Goal of Home Care?


Long Term Care Insurance and Staying at Home

There really is no place like home. Dorothy had it right in The Wizard of Oz. But, we often see confusion about Long Term Care insurance and you may very well have a benefit that will pay for home care services. Decisions about home care – sometimes referred to as senior care or elder care – for a loved-one can be overwhelming.  What is the best … Read More Long Term Care Insurance and Staying at Home

Finding Freedom at Home

Finding Freedom at Home: The Ultimate Guide to Home Care is a new resource for families who are exploring home care options for an aging parent. Written by home care expert Sam Sellers, “Finding Freedom at Home” will serve as a saving grace to the millions of adults exploring care and living assistance options for their aging parents.  While institutionalization was once commonplace, the … Read More Finding Freedom at Home

Home Care Isn’t an Alternative?

At home care for an aging loved one is not an “appropriate” or “suitable” alternative to either assisted living or nursing home care.  To the contrary, any and every option other than remaining at home should be viewed as an alternative to what the vast majority of people desire. Dorothy had it right.  There’s no place like home. In fact, remaining at home with … Read More Home Care Isn’t an Alternative?

I Don’t Need and I Don’t Want Any Help – Reason #3, Money

We’ve all heard it – “I don’t need any help” or “I don’t want anybody in my home”. Even when everybody involved believes assistance is needed, sometimes it is just simply rejected. Why? We previously covered the reason of “pride” and “independence” and today we’re looking at money. Money Money, or the lack thereof, can be a very real impediment to receiving needed services.  … Read More I Don’t Need and I Don’t Want Any Help – Reason #3, Money

3 Common Problems Experienced by Seniors Living Alone

Too much alone time can be dangerous and discouraging for seniors.  Injury threats are also at their worst when older adults are living without support.  Consider these and other potential problems that can occur from your senior loved one living alone, and speak to Home Helpers about in-home care today: 1. Physical Injury Decreased physical ability can be a natural part of the aging … Read More 3 Common Problems Experienced by Seniors Living Alone

Alzheimer’s Tips

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease can be one of the most difficult challenges a person will ever encounter.  The following tips can help smooth the experience: Don’t argue with the sufferer — agree with them even if it seems completely silly, and live in the reality of their moment. Don’t use logic or reason — Alzheimer’s suffers rarely respond well to … Read More Alzheimer’s Tips

Ruth Kobin: 100 Years Old And Healthy Thanks To Pilates and Weight Lifting

While Home Helpers is proud that our home care services empower older adults to remain as independent (and active) as possible in their homes, this story is testimony to the fact that it is possible to age with dignity, grace…and good health. Click here for a marvelous interview with a 100 year old about active aging.  Working as a service provider for older adults who need … Read More Ruth Kobin: 100 Years Old And Healthy Thanks To Pilates and Weight Lifting