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Trust is earned over time through your words and actions. It isn’t something that comes easy and it can be very difficult to re-earn once lost. When choosing a home care provider for a loved one, trust is clearly of the greatest of importance. You HAVE to trust that the chosen agency is true to its word and will provide the needed services per … Read More Trust…


Long Term Care Insurance and Staying at Home

There really is no place like home. Dorothy had it right in The Wizard of Oz. But, we often see confusion about Long Term Care insurance and you may very well have a benefit that will pay for home care services. Decisions about home care – sometimes referred to as senior care or elder care – for a loved-one can be overwhelming.  What is the best … Read More Long Term Care Insurance and Staying at Home

Should I Get Long Term Care Insurance?

The adult children of clients we serve routinely ask me if they should get Long Term Care insurance. I am not an insurance agent. I don’t market any insurance. Even so, I am more than willing to share my experience. Typically, the adult children see either the benefits of having Long Term Care insurance or the need for it. Let me explain. It used … Read More Should I Get Long Term Care Insurance?